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Student Life

Online MSSW

A Decade of online MSSW learning

Valuable degree expands job opportunities

Graduate degree where the student lives

Excellent education to make a difference

Technology supports learning anywhere

Program supports field placements anywhere

Field placements can be a most important experience

Same education and same field experience

Online opportunity removes barriers to quality education

Opportunities for a diverse student group


The College of Social Work at the University of Tennessee has been offering this online MSSW program for more than a decade. It really helps students complete that graduate degree where they are. The MSSW is an incredibly valuable degree, and it's something that can get your foot in the door to get the kind of job that you want, whether it's doing clinical work, or working in communities or organizations, or even advocating around policy issues. The MSSW gives you the training to make a difference.

So the great thing about our technology is that students can be anywhere to participate in a class. That might be at work, at home. It could be at a coffee shop.

So our online students will have their field placement in the communities where they are located, in rural areas, urban areas, out of state. They do not have to travel to Tennessee for their field placement.

Being in a field placement was the most important experience for me in this program. And it shaped a lot of my experience.

Any student graduating from the UT College of Social Work, regardless of whether they attend one of our face-to-face programs or our online program, receive the exact same education and are just as effective in the field.

It is very important to have online MSSW education so that people across the state, living in rural areas, who cannot make it to a traditional face-to-face program, can have access to a quality education. And what we've also seen is a major increase in the amount of diverse students that we have as a part of our student body, which told us that there really was a need for online education so that more people were represented appropriately.


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