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Student Life

The Volunteer Difference

Unique features include

  • 100% Online MSSW program
  • 3-year online DSW program with 2 classes per semester and 1 week on-campus experience each year
  • Curriculum that integrates a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of neuroscience and social work and provides an integrated health care emphasis
  • Areas for specialization in:
    • Veterinary Social Work
    • Trauma
    • Gerontology
    • School Social Work
  • Part-time PhD option


The most unique thing, I think, about our program here at the University of Tennessee is just the certificates that we offer, the various specializations that we offer that include a trauma certificate, the veterinary social work certificate. We have a management certificate that we also offer, as well as a gerontology certificate so that students can target their understanding of social work to a particular population that they might have a real passion to be able to work with.

Another unique thing is that all UT College of Social Work students have the opportunity to take a neuroscience class.

Neuroscience is crucial to social work, because our brain is responsible for all of our thoughts and behaviors and emotions. And those are all things that we work with in our clients to improve quality of life.

Well, veterinary social work is really based on the main premise of the human-animal bond and exploring all the ways that that manifests in our society and in our work as social workers, both clinically and at more governmental and communal levels.

In the profession of social work, and specifically here in our college, we view each person that comes to us as social workers as a whole person, behavioral health and physical health. And so we have a program that takes both the behavioral health and the physical health and teaches students about that health care integration. It's a part of many of the foundation courses that we teach, and then also, it's something that they can focus on in their concentration here as well.


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