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Student Life

The BSSW Program

A Great Combination of Theory and Skill

 Generalist Practice Model

  • Explore theory while getting real world experience
  • Field experience built into the curriculum

BSWO – Student Organization

  • Community service events
  • Advocacy efforts

5-Year MSSW opportunity


One thing that I love about the BSW program is that it really gives you a great combination of theory and skill. So while you gather all that you need to know about the generalist practice model while you're in the classroom, you also get to apply that knowledge to a real world experience within your internship. And that internship is built right into your curriculum, which makes it very accessible and easy to learn. While we gather everything that we need to in the classroom, being in the field really helps you apply that knowledge.

I actually applied for a practice setting job. It's at a family crisis center. And I think one of the things that got me that job was that I already had experience through my internship.

Bachelor of Social Work Organization-- it is the student organization for bachelor's level students, and the social work program.

As a student with the Bachelor of Social Work Organization, I've had the opportunity to do a number of different community service and advocacy events. Those include a 5K run, something that we called stop the hate date, campus cleanups, one time we served meals for the homeless, and those types of things are what we really have a passion for.

Here at UT, you have the potential to get a master's in five years instead of six. If your goal is to help people and your goal is to find solutions to problems, then I would say that this is a very good place for you to be.


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