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Student Life

MSSW Programs

Quality that students can access anywhere

Student accessibility

  • Face-to-face in Knoxville or Nashville
  • 100% Online

Two Concentrations

  • EBIP - Evidence-based Interpersonal Practice (Clinical)
  • OL – Organizational Leadership (Macro)

Certificates/Specialty Areas

  • Trauma Treatment
  • Gerontology
  • Veterinary Social Work
  • School Social Work Licensure

Student Organizations

  • MSWO – Master of Social Work Organization
  • Macro Social Work Student Network


I love social work. It's made my life what it is. So I think that we want to make it accessible for people across the state, and even across the country to be able to come in and access the great program that we have. So students can come here, and a lot of students drive from different places to be able to come here and live in Knoxville, or to live in Nashville and go face-to-face. Or, we've got it we're students across the country can access the program through the online situation.

All master's students have the option of pursuing either an organizational leadership concentration, or an evidence-based interpersonal practice concentration, which is essentially the difference between community based practice at a macro level, and individual therapeutic practices in a mental health based setting with one-on-one practice with individuals.

When I did my MSSW, I did the clinical concentration because I really wanted to do direct practice work with people. And now that I'm out of school, I've been able to do that, whether it's with groups, couples, individual crisis work, it's given me that opportunity.

My program of focus is organizational leadership, which is the macro side of social work, which is about program development, grant writing, evaluating the programs, so on and so forth.

Our program offers certificates in trauma treatment, which focuses on helping people recover from difficult events in their lives. We also offer a gerontology certificate, we also offer a veterinary social work certificate which is very unique in the United States in that we're one of the very few programs that offers this.

So I am the president of the Master Social Work Organization, which is a student run organization in the college of social work. Some of the activities that we do are student development trainings. We also go do conferences, and we table across campus so people know who we are, and what other activities that we offer.


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