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Student Life

Doctoral Programs

Two Unique Doctoral Tracks
PhD – 3-year face-to-face program leading to faculty and research positions across the nation and world
  • Part-time option available
  • Nationally competitive fellowships and Tennessee Fellowship for Graduate Excellence Program
  • Collaboration with 2 world-class research centers
DSW - 3-year online program in advanced clinical practice and leadership
  • 2 Courses per Semester with 1 week on-campus each year
  • Geared toward working professionals, the DSW is an intensive accelerated program that enables students to satisfy all degree requirements without career disruption.


The PhD program is structured for three years. So the idea of finishing within three years forces you to be more independent, forces you to be more self-motivated. And I think it develops more of those skills necessary for you to be an ongoing scholar once you become independent and employed in academia.

So the research that I'm doing as part of my dissertation is I'm looking at epigenetic influence across generations. It's not been researched here before. And it's a relatively new science.

I choose the UT DSW program, because I was working full-time already. I had my master's. But I really wanted to try to take my clinical skills to another level. And UT is one of the only programs in the country where you can keep working, take evening classes, and get a doctorate.

The work runs through the students own clinical practice. These are experienced professionals with a wide variety of skills and training. And the ability to study something that is evidence-based, and within a short period of time, being able to test that in one's own clinical practice, is a unique strength of this program.

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