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Student Life

Online Education

Easy to Use Technology

Fit Education into your Life Without Career Disruption

  • Flexibility
  • Individuality
  • Affordability

One College, One Curriculum, One Faculty

  • Faculty teach face-to-face and online
  • Same curriculum for face-to-face and online students
  • Synchronous and asynchronous presentation
  • Field experience where you live

Quality Education


At first I was intimidated by the use of technology and how that would be different from a face-to-face class and whether or not I would be able to utilize all the tools technologically, but what I love about the online classes is that it provides a much more flexible schedule. Where we do have face-to-face meetings through technology, but we can stay at home and do the majority of our coursework at our own pace and we don't have to be on campus for hours at a time, so it allows you to have a lot more flexibility in your schedule for things like work, family, different obligations that you have so you can really fit your studies into your life.

What you need to know about online education is that it's very quick and easy to access, no software packages really to download.

It's one faculty, one curriculum, one college, so students are getting a very similar experience, whether it's online or face-to-face. The only difference is where they're going to be physically and where they're going to be doing their clinical or field experiences. The quality of the online education at UT really comes down to the quality of the faculty. The online component is so seamless with being able to log in, see your faculty, hear your faculty. It really comes down to having quality faculty and I think UT really does.


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