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Student Life

MSSW Nashville

All One UT College of Social Work Campus:

  • Nashville
  • Online
  • Knoxville

Highly Ranked

  • Program
  • Faculty
  • Advisors
  • Field Placements


  • Skilled
  • Ready to Practice
  • Competent


The Nashville campus, the online campus, the campus in Knoxville-- we're all one campus. And so students who receive their degrees at any one of those locations are Vols for life. We're all Vols. It's the same across the board.

Our program is consistently ranked one of the highest in the nation, and it's because of our high-quality faculty, staff, and students.

The faculty and our advisors here are one of the most wonderful parts of attending the Nashville campus here. It's been important for me to have research experience, and it's really neat that I have faculty here to help me develop that interest and get that experience.

We hold ourselves as faculty to high standards and in turn hold our students to the same high standards.

They care deeply about the students, and they're here to support us both academically in our field placements and in life. And so that's really amazing and I think unique in a lot of ways to this program.

So we feel very confident with the product that we are providing students. We know that they are receiving the skills and the knowledge that they need to go out and practice as competent social workers.


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