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Student Life

Online BSSW

New Program at the UT College of Social Work

· Online BSSW

· Designed for students with associate’s degrees

· Flexible and accessible schedule

· First in the state of Tennessee

· Field placements in the student’s own communities

· Scholarship opportunities available


Well, the College of Social Work at the University of Tennessee has been around for a very long time. The undergraduate program has been accredited here since 1985. And we've offered online programs since 2008, more than a decade.

We're really excited to be able to offer for the first time ever an online bachelor's social work program, which is the first in the state of Tennessee.

Sometimes there are obstacles for our non-traditional students. They could be geographic locale. Perhaps they have a full-time job or need to meet the needs of their family. Our online program seeks to address them in a way that allows them to attend college in a nontraditional setting.

The program is designed for students that have completed an Associate of Science or Associate of Arts from a community college. Students attend online classes Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings through ZOOM capabilities. So they still have the experience of being with their cohort and working with other students but also can do that from the flexibility of their own homes and after work hours.

We do have scholarships available for undergraduate students. And that's true both for in-person and online.

Our online courses feature the same curriculum and are taught by the same faculty as our Knoxville campus program.

We offer cutting edge electives in Suicidology, crisis prevention, trauma, and substance use.

Our program is designed for two years. Those students focus solely on social work classes. And not only can they take classes, they can actually do field placements where they are in their communities. So they get to make a difference where they are.

We have a field coordinator that works with each student individually to help identify a placement that works for their individualized interests and needs.

We teach people to walk into any situation, it doesn't matter where you are, and work with anybody around any issue, so a very useful degree.

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